Business Analytics using Excel



There is no one-size-fits all sales strategy for businesses. Sales reporting and analytics gives sales managers the insights they need to improve sales processes and enable reps to close deals faster. By allowing the data to tell the story, you can be more precise in setting Goals that elicit desired results. This training is designed to meet your developing necessities and the way you work.

What will you be able to do post-training?

  • Have high comfort working with Excel
  • Use right formulas for the given scenario
  • Write Complex Formulae with ease
  • Handle Excel related situations more maturely
  • Present Marketing data with better interpretation

Learning Outcomes

Skillful use of MS Office tools will save a lot of time. That time adds up to extra time for your more enjoyable activities. In addition, you will let know that you are more resourceful and can produce proficient looking reports and presentations that impress. This course will take you straight into a simple set of efficiency rules that will lead you towards professional excellence.

Training Methodology

  • Interactive with trainer & trainees
  • Assessments to measure existing knowledge and deficiencies
  • Positive impact on works giving users real hands-on experience
  • Engaging –interesting Fun and learn
  • Easy to understand
  • Practical case studies, Group discussions and exercises
  • Motivational Video Clips



  • What Excel can do
  • Superiority or excellence of Excel
  • Type of operators
  • Sequence of mathematical operations
  • Smart use of reference system in Excel

Creating a usable data table

  • Convert text to your preferred case
  • Write Address in single cell professionally
  • Join multiple cell values in a single cell
  • Extract your required portion of text
  • Separate cell value into multiple cells
  • When Excel cannot read dates
  • Using of Go To Command
  • Define cells in your own style
  • Put appropriate values in all empty cells in one stroke
  • Maintain serials automatically
  • Get rid of unnecessary spaces and symbols

Using logical function

  • Count your write-ups or your desired item
  • What are AND, OR, IF Functions
  • Simple techniques of developing complex formula
  • Get results of portion you are seeing
  • Hide cell values when your formula returns error

Sort, filter and advanced filter

  • Sort your data in the way you want
  • When you need not to copy hidden cells
  • Extract Unique Records

Creating table

  • Is using Table your best option?
  • Toggle between Table and Range

Printing and graphics

  • Working with shapes
  • Printing Large Datasheet professionally
  • You need not to show calculation errors in printing
  • Print row and column headings on every printed page
  • Manual page breaks in a worksheet

What is MACRO?

  • Basic of Macro
  • How to record and use a Macro
  • Creating a Macro using code
  • Creating an index to move your sheets like magic
  • What is Add Ins and how to use it for converting your accounting figure to word.

Conditional formatting

  • Auto format when data meets your demand
  • Multiple conditional formatting using formula
  • Identify duplicate data and remove in a single stroke

Data validation

  • Allow preselected values only for cell inputs
  • Allow only valid Numbers or Date input in a cell
  • Do you want to allow wrong entries?
  • Avoid Red Mark of Comments by validation tooltips

Functions (lookup)

  • Do you know, you are using LOOKUP functions, every day in your office?
  • Small ignorance can create great mistakes: 4 must rules of LOOKUP

Creating charts

  • Knowing and controlling Chart Components
  • How to select perfect chart type for your data
  • Creating A Self Expanding/Dynamic Chart
  • Combination chart
  • How easy you can create a Organogram

Pivot-table and pivot chart

  • Play with your Report Layouts by using Pivot Table
  • Querying large amounts of data user-friendly ways
  • Combine Dates by Month, Year, Quarter and Days
  • Show Data as Percent of Total

Customizing the ribbon

  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Customize the Ribbon


  • Protect worksheet, workbook elements
  • Control other users' access to your worksheet
  • Hide your valuable formula from others

File management

  • Automatically save and recover office files
  • Customize the list of recently used files

Critical thinking

  • Practical problem solving
  • Case study
  • Group discussions and exercises

Speaker Profile

Md. Anowar Hossain Fakir
Lead Consultant, Training Bangla
ITIL®, PRINCE2®, MSc (Physics), MBA

Presently he is an entrepreneur of Training Bangla and having solid working experience of 19+ years in different positions in Project Management, Procurement, Fleet Management, Store Management, Quality Control and Occupational Health & safety through working in all intermediary positions with job enlargement & enrichment with diversified job responsibility.

He has experienced from different national and international organizations including Robi Axiata Limited, A leading Telecommunication Company and Intertoll Management system, which was worked as O&M Company in Bangabandhu Bridge.

Course Duration: One Day (8 Hours)

Date: Saturday, 5th May 2018 (9.30 am to 5.30 pm)

Course Fee: BDT 3500.00 (including VAT) per participant.

Venue: Prothom Alo Digital, Gulshan Tower (7th Floor), Gulshan North C/A, Gulshan - 2, Dhaka - 1212

Contact us/ register online by;

Mobile: 01678 660 819, 01678 660 820