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About Us

The Giant Group, a conglomerate including 8 knit and woven garments establishments, was founded more than 25 years ago. Today with a total of 20 companies, their annual turnover is a hefty 35 million dollars. With their foresight and adroit planning, the group has prevailed over the ever-changing dynamics of international trade.

Their commitment to quality has been one of the hallmarks since their inception. Furthermore two concerns of the Giant Group, Shafi Processing Industries Limited and Jammunna Apparels Limited are ISO 9000 certified.

In keeping with their conviction in quality the Giant Group believes in professional management and currently boasts several levels of valued addition, from knitting to retail outlets. With decentralized authority and individually accountable units, a core group is charged with the overall coordination of the group. Each unit is furnished with its own management software monitoring their operations, management, human resources and production.

Efficiency of the whole would also entail efficiency of the individual. Accordingly the Giant Group ensures the well-being of all the 5000 employees. Each of the factories has first aid units with physicians available 3 days a week. Furthermore every worker is provided with health insurance by the company, all whom are over stipulated 25 years of age.

Not only in order to bolster their public image and harp on 'social goodwill' perse, the Giant Group actually believes in social compliance.

Furthermore adhering to safety regulations, there are trained personnel for fire evacuation in all the factories with busbar trunking electric lines that minimizes the risks for fires. The factory environment, with excellent lighting and ventilation, remains one of the best in Bangladesh.

The Giant Management and Services Limited has been set up to develop technical know-how on design and management skills in conjunction with the National Institute of Fashion Design.